Join Oregon based creators in telling a uniquely compelling story of the human experience, set in the stunning Scottish Highlands.




Your support helps our creators fund set design, travel, lodging, music licensing and shooting permits as well as book locations, talent, and transportation. 




Our film is set in one of the most awe-inspiring locations on the planet, the Highlands of Scotland. The endless imagination evoked by this landscape offers our writers and set designers the opportunity to let their creativity run wild.  




Wonderwritten writers embark on a mindful exploration of heartbreak through the eyes of wonderstruck writer, Alan Ainsley. Our story explores the intricacies of humanity's relationship to the world, through the journaling of a writer with an exceptionally unique view of his circumstances. Threaded by a compelling internal monologue, Wonderwritten wanders the expanding landscape of human emotion and perception. Alan, a published writer and enthusiast for philosophy, offers an unfamiliar character with a powerful message underlying his oddities; “Here’s to life, and to this moment.” With thought-provoking writing as the catalyst, our creators aim to evoke its audience's sense of wonder while rekindling curiosity.




Production for Wonderwritten is slated for early May of 2018. Pre Production began in late December of 2016 and Post Production is summer of 2018.